One Life Left — s19e10 — #383 — Don’t Tell Damo

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It’s a bit weird talking about yourself in the third person isn’t it? Luckily this week’s Super-Special Guest Ben Hall had no problems with that, but as he doesn’t work in the games industry our interview with him went to places that we don’t normally go to. If you need to know what the best train is in videogames, if you can get from Peterborough to Croydon without changing, and who would be our train getaway driver then this is the interview for you.

We also celebrated Amazon Prime Day (which just seems to get earlier and earlier every year), found out what Ste has just bought, try to work out where Ste is working, and we got very confused by the Kong family tree.

Team OLL x




  1. 8-BITchintendo – Famitracker Water Track
  2. Sofaspartan Music – Ancient Myth

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