One Life Left — s19e01 — #374 — Boscombe-bat School

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Do Americans celebrate Easter? That’s the main question that we ask in this week’s episode, the first since our pre-Spring break. Ann was away, so instead of catching up on over six weeks’ worth of videogame news Ste told us what he did in Croatia, his new haircut, and what games are best to play in a hospital. Oh, he might also make a small announcement too.

We didn’t have a Super-Special Guest in the studio, but we did have Bertil Hörberg on the Skype line. Unfortunately we found it very difficult to pin him down on how many videogames he has made, but fortunately he was very willing to tell us all about Mechstermination Force, which is Contra meets Shadow of the Colossus and is available now on the Switch. Bertil is the brains behind the excellent Gunman Clive so you know it’ll be a good game.

We also found out who or what is the best replacement for a talk by Yu Suzuki, what game Ste is potentially the best in the world at, and work out once and for all which is the best out of Reddit and Twitter.

See you in two weeks time!
Team OLL x


1 Wonderful Substance—–dl

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