One Life Left — s17e14 — #367 — Fifty Shades of Gris

The last One Life Left of 2018 and the first episode after our Christmas party saw Ann come down with a bad case of Marioke lurgy. Hopefully she’ll be fit and well by the time of our next episode, which will be on 7th January.

We also didn’t have a Super-Special Guest, even though Roll 7 were potentially coming in. Has anyone heard from Roll 7 recently? Could someone go round on Christmas Day to check that they’re ok. Anyway, despite this setback Simon took the opportunity to do a 2018 news round-up by only looking at the videogame company equivalent of births, marriages and death.

We found out that Ste was happy that his stressful week is over, that Simon is developing friendships across the globe, why Ste is not going round to Simon’s for Christmas, and Ste said four little words on air that we’ve never heard him say before. What could they be? Not those four words. Or those.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x



  1. Tris – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  2. Arc Demon – Star of Bethlehem

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