One Life Left — s17e09 — #362 — Ipswicher 3: Wild Hunt

No Super-Special Guest this week due to illness, but we do have the return of the Scants. She’s feeling a bit better after a week off, which meant Ste and Simon were feeling a bit better as they wouldn’t have to do the news.

Without a Super-Special Guest this meant that the team could work on their personal projects. This involved trying to work out where Ipswich was, remember who Ann made eat an egg, and clarify if Mike Channel can drive in real life.

We also updated the OLL Style Guide with the correct pronunciation of Prima Games, and Simon bought another thing that he definitely won’t like. There was also discussion of the latest YouTube videogame shows that are available, which allowed Simon to make a really good joke.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ – Fleet
2. MC Jimmy – What it Means

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