One Life Left — s17e04 — #357 — Ann With A Plan

No SSG. No Ann. No plan. All Ste and Simon.

It’s the standard lads night in show – Simon persuades Ste to buy loads of gadgets that he doesn’t want, Ste gets to talk about latency (let’s talk about you and me), and we forget that with Ann away someone needs to do the news.

We tried to figure out where we have broadcasted from and offered ourselves to other locations (but NOT to other stations), worked out the OLL style guide for where we stand on Parko, Ste made his students do opposites, and Simon is buying lots of items for his favourite new addition to his household.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm – SubZero
2. Solarbear (feat. dr!p) – My Life is a Triathlon and I’m the Slowest Kid on the Playground
3. Amateur LSDJ – Impact

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