One Life Left — s16e02 — #346 — Pro Sieben

The full team were back from their bank holiday off including Simon (who had also taken another four months off for some (literally) small reason and we were willing to answer the most important question in gaming today: Is caviar vegetarian?

We managed to get Tom and Sam from Roll 7 into the studio to tell us all about their new game Laser League 1.0, which sounds (and is) excellent. We found out what it is like to be beaten at your own game, how useful feedback from the public is (remember to send in your letters to us) and what colour their new game is. Hey – some running jokes just span multiple seasons.

We also find out that Ste didn’t want Sam to talk very much on the show, if we had a shark in the studio, try to remember if we’re on Spotify (spoiler: not yet), and find out rough Simon is with his Switch.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm – Doc (seems to have been deleted from Chipmusic – Ed)
2. sudstep – Beach Episode
3. amateur lsdj – Peace Outro

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