One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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One Life Left presents… Music to Play Games By Too

Okay so this doesn’t have a precise release date yet but I’d estimate a release around 15th of December. I know that’s leaving it a bit late but there have been a few technical difficulties along the way. Hopefully it will be out earlier. I’m putting this up to let you know what’s going to be on the CD. I’ll release some audio samples of it over the next couple of weeks.

As mentioned on the show this is a compilation of music inspired by video games but not specifically video game sounding. This is not a chiptune compilation, information pills though such a style is undoubtedly going to make an appearance. I have indeed cast the net far and wide to include some brilliant artists. I’m quite excited to have The Blue Hearts on here with a track inspired by Red Dead Redemption. It’s a full on Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack song and not what you’d normally expect to be associated with video games, treatment showing that their influence is not genre restricted.

Also exciting is that we have an exclusive remix of a track by Manda Rin, formerly of scottish indie popsters Bis. But really I love every track on this CD and I’m truly grateful to everyone who agreed to take part. It has taken around a year to collate them all and as you all undoubtedly know I had to stop producing FME features for a while to ensure everything came together properly. The results have been very much worth it. As much as I have been very tempted to go on about every track and how brilliant it is I’d better stop and just give a few more details about the product.

Here’s the full track listing for you:

1. The Devil’s Blue Eyed SonThe Bluehearts
2. Golden Axe Gyratory System
3. MalfunctionLast Miles of Galaxy
4. Typeface (Chip Shop Mix) – Manda Rin
5. Zora Mode Decktronic
6. Black 7Weird Gear
7. Riot Euan Lynn
8. Knife Trance (One Knife Left Mix) Supreme Ultimate Fist
9. Fatal Error Vile Electrodes
10. Rambo Ravine H Pizzle
11. Hero Man Gets to the Castle (Tomorrow’s Dad Mix) – Bearcraft
12. Quiet Thought Process Downstate
13. Game OverDerek Williams

Remember the previous compilation is still available for almost nothing and you can hear samples from it here

Keep checking by the blog for more details on the CD

That’s all for now



  1. Shadrach says:

    Well I am very very excited about this – the first compo is brilliant!

  2. Diles Molding says:

    Looks really great, heard the sample video.
    Can not wait to get hold of it!!!

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