One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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One Life Left — s06e24 — #144 — Spring Break


It’s the very last episode of Season 6 and that means the team, clinic typically, side effects are in a boistrous, approved last-day-of-school mood. Which is fortunate because they’ve only got one pre-recorded feature and an hour of airtime to fill. So, videogames, eh? What’re they all about? And etc. Spring Break!

Also in #144:

++ Lots of pre-GDC chat. How accurate were our predictions? Did we even predict anything, or just giggle a lot?

++ OLL retrofuturespective discussion: a bit of looking backwards, a dash of looking forwards. Do we have any plans? What are those plans? Oh.

++ Some news, some reviews, some OBE-chat. You know the drill. It’s been a long season. And a fun one, right? Right? Right?

And that’s it. One Life Left will be back in April. But keep your ears on Resonance 104.4FM and your eye on this feed because we’ll be doing other things in between.


Team OLL

PS If you want to contribute to the new series of OLL get in touch.

PPS Download the podcast here.

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  1. deABREU says:

    hello, big fan here all the way from brazil (yeah, I do pirate games, but I also buy them, mostl from Steam because retail is absurdly expensive here [R$100 is the default price], mostly from ridiculous taxes and the stores not knowing that you should drop the game’s price once it’s not a new release anymore [you can find games as old as 2006 and they still have the same price sticker. they only get cheaper once some publisher decides to release a “best hits”, “gold” or “classic” edition)

    anyway, excuse my poor grasp of the Queen’s language, but I’d love to read the names of the artists featured in the latest show, as I can’t quite make out the words in titles sometimes (as they lack context, the helping hand in all foreign languages). I really liked the first one, but what is its name? ultraset? the song was hearticle chip? LOL, sorry for that. perhaps you could list them, with the time mark showing when they show up in the show? that would be nice.

    anyway, this episode was remarkably good, I’m looking forward for the next season. cheers!

  2. Steev says:


    I just e-mailed Ste with the same question. It’s Heartical Chip by Ultrasyd.

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