One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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One Night Left

Just over 48 hours to go now. And Oh My GOD: the poster.

One Night Left poster

Thanks to the supremely talented daninski for that. So, remedy so beautiful. So, so excited.


  1. David says:

    It’s nice.

  2. dbot says:

    Somehow I have two of these now, the least crumpled could well get framed.

  3. Christian says:

    Great ingtihs! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

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