One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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Chart Market Economy 23rd January 2009

I know you must be thinking it’s a bit like I’m Little Boots as after only a few weeks of doing this it seems like I’m stuck on repeat (Oh ho! Cunning pop culture reference, viagra eh?). But then isn’t that the nature of charts? What can you do other than list what has sold and waffle on about them to some extent? We all know how it works now and my comments on games vary little. Still Little Britain has been a huge success by repeating the exact same jokes every week so why shouldn’t it work for me as well?

10. Pinball Classics – PSP £4.99
Typical isn’t it? I decided this week I was absolutely sick of PSP games taking up rather a lot of space on my stall and listed pretty much all of them  for sale on Amazon. It’s only then that I get people enquiring about them. They even took a UMD movie with it. Kiss of the Dragon I think it was. I hadn’t really sold any for ages until selling these. PSP is rubbish. I never use mine anymore. Though I did love the Ridge Racer games on it. Was a good emulation machine too. Is. Whatever.

09. Urbz: Sims in the City – PS2 £4.99

It’s the Sims! But in a city! With a soundtrack by The Black Eyed Peas! Now you too can emulate the life of the plebs that hang around in bus stations. Except these ones generally look more spectacular and have even less point to them.

08. Football Manager 2007 – 360 £4.99

No one bought any from me during 2008 but in 2009 two have gone in the same month. In the same week even. Why the sudden interest? I don’t care. I’m just glad to see the back of such junk.

07. Mario Kart – DS £15

I really don’t get Mario Kart. I never have. The Snes one was rubbish, the N64 one was terrible, Gamecube version shocking, arcade abysmal, Wii dull. Yet people fawn over them like they’re some kind of genius creation. I’m sure if it wasn’t for those loveable Nintendo characters, no one would ever pay them any attention. Still at least on the DS you can play link up games from one cart which is quite a nice generous feature. Maybe that accounts for why it continues to sell.

06. Guitar Hero Aerosmith – PS3 £19.99

The only Guitar Hero I haven’t played. Which is of course because I don’t like Aerosmith. Or any of the other tracks on there. And Guitar Hero 3 was (really good and a game that everyone should buy brand new with it being astonishingly good value for money. Stunning playability and expertly created note patterns make it a real joy to play by providing the perfect balance between being fun and challenging. – Simon)

05. Pokemon Emerald – Gameboy Advance £19.99

Still great sellers. This one was a little bit tatty and didn’t have instructions but having any kind of box for them is very rare. If it was better cond I’d have charged £25 for it. Possibly up to £30. This one I’d had for around two weeks on display. Which is pretty long for any GBA Pokemon. But with games being discontinued so quickly by publishers and Pokemon being such a successful series it’s little wonder the price is rising so much.

04. Nintendogs – Dalmations Version – DS £19.99

The game that shifted DSes by the truckload has gone through a bit of a dry period for a while. This one has always been the best seller of the lot. Why do people like Dalmations so much? Is it just because of the Disney film? The Daschund one is the worst seller. Even the Chihuahua one sells better despite them being the most hideous of the hideous. In terms of Nintendogs games anyway. Or Nintendodogs as most people call it. Because they are idiots. Still preferable to real dogs because it won’t smell and piddle all over the kitchen floor. Still neither will cats so that’s the problem solved. Get a cat instead.

03, Need For Speed Undercover – 360  £22

Sold to a regular Polish customer of mine who likes a good bit of bargaining. He traded in Assassin’s Creed for it. It’s always quite fun playing the haggling game with him. At the stall like. Not a game on the 360 or anything. That would be strange. As David Dickinson would undoubtedly say, it was the ‘real deal’ on the day. I actually sold a bunch of Need for Speeds on PS2 as well but I haven’t featured them in this chart because I forgot. Maybe I can change that though by  them in next. Does it count if they’re all different games? I’m not sure.

02. Ace Combat 6 –  360 £23

Decided I didn’t have room for the Need For Speed games. Featuring one is pretty much too many. Anyway Ace Combat then. I had hoped to take it home and play it. I dare say the combat is a case of get missile lock on a dot, press fire. Dot vanishes. I’d had a lot of interest in it earlier in the week but no one bit at £25 which I had it at originally. Just a £2 discount and it’s sold. I played on on the PS2 once but I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was supposed to do on it. They’ve always had a pretty loyal following though these games and I have never sold one for less than £13. I remember the days when Distant Thunder was really sought after and would sell for £30. Good times those.

01. Competitions involving Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach

Due to the stunning response to the last time I had a Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach competition I’ve decided that I’ll run another one this week. However, you’ve got to work a lot harder to earn one this week! I want you to think very carefully about this question.

Q: What is your name and address?

Send your answers to derek at and 5 (I think) lucky winners will get a copy of this thoroughly exciting life changing WOW beating MMORPG!

(You only got the one entry from uglifruit didn’t you? – Everyone)



  1. dbot says:

    Is this a trick question?

  2. iainl says:

    Derek – you’ve already got my name and address. Don’t send me an MMO though, whatever you do.

  3. Dopexvii says:

    Hello ! ive been enjoying your new segment,it reminds me of good times at the stall =) i would like to see a best of chart someday. possibly with more dynasty involved .

  4. John the Monkey says:

    I’m a big Mario Kart fan myself – not sure I can explain the appeal of it, really, but I’ve played every version other than the N64 one. The SNES version belonged to my best friend, and we’d waste whole afternoons in multi-player on it.

  5. jed says:

    Mario Kart is the very beating of my heart, and Mario Kart DS is the crown. there’s so much more going on than in a more grounded racing game.

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