One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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Chart Market Economy 9th January 2009

So it’s time for the first chart of the year. How terribly exciting.  I know I have such a great reputation of being the internet’s only truly reliable source of games charts without interference from THE MAN. No big games companies interfere with my chart. This information is direct from source. But will it be a chart of top trade ins or a chart of the biggest games of the previous year? Maybe a chart of the biggest failures last year? There are so many options as to what to do I barely know where to begin (Try the start of the chart – Ed). Hey I’ve got a great idea, online why don’t I make it a chart of last week’s sales? Man, diagnosis what a great idea!

10.  Zelda – Link’s Awakening (Gameboy £6.99)

Despite having been re-released about five thousand times with almost as many suffixes as a Street Fighter 2 variant that’s married a Tom Clancy game, it’s still a seller for decent money. I also happen to be pretty much the only person left in Doncaster with any stock of such retro games. As such I can pretty much get away with charging what I want. As I clearly have here. £7 for an ancient black + white gameboy game? Snigger.

09. Need For Speed Pro Street
(PS2 £8)

Was up for £9.99 but the customer only had £8 on them. It was another brutal cold start to the day and it looks like it was going to be pretty quiet. It had sat on the shelf a while. Why not take the £8 that was all he had on him. So he said. To me it looked like he had much more on him. Like clothes and stuff! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

08. Something (on a console probably £ and Pence undoubtedly)

I really should have done this chart at work where I have it actually there in front of me what I’ve sold rather than doing it from memory. But I was busy with things this morning and the internet was playing up. So I’m having to do all this from home. Right now I’m just waiting for QI to come on at 9. I like QI. It is most amusing. There’s an interactive DVD game of it. I bet it’s rubbish.

07. Three Dreamcast Games – Racing Simulation/MSR/Tomb Raider Last Revelation

Technically it shouldn’t be this high in the charts but I remembered selling them earlier today and selling Dreamcast games always gives you that warm feeling inside. To know there’s still someone out there cherishing that lovely little console, poor thing. How could people not see the delights of that beautiful little machine. So what if the up to 10 billion players claim wasn’t exactly true. It would have been true if everyone had bought a Dreamcast. And everyone had an internet connection for it. And there was an infinite amount of money around to pay for the immense phone bills. These games aren’t exactly the best example of quality on the machine but consider it an entry level to get onto bigger and better things (Isn’t that what Escom said about putting Whizz and Pinball Magic in with the Amiga except that only served to kill it? – Amiga Power). Actually maybe I’m just like some dodgy drug dealer selling ecstacy mixed with rat poison or something. Shame on me.

06. Cooking Mama – Wii £15

The Wii has continued to sell a few games reasonably well since Christmas. It’s still doing vastly better than the PS3. I sold at least two Wii games for over £15 with customers just asking to buy said game. Maybe a Wii is for life and not just to be left abandonned in a dark cupboard until your gran comes round to beat you at Wii Bowling again and you to then sulk in a corner all afternoon moaning about how it’s obviously geared to compensate for people with lower skill so it was obviously much harder for you.

05. Zelda Twilight Princess – Wii £25

It’s typical Nintendo sales patterns again. Zelda/Mario/Pokemon. That stuff just never seems to drop in price. I might have only sold one copy of this but I could probably have sold 15 or more. It’s supposed to be one of the weakest of the Zelda series despite looking more realistically pretty than the cartoony Wind Waker which angered all the fanboys because they didn’t want to be seen playing a game that was for kids. Oh the irony..

04. Grand Theft Auto Ivy – Xbox 360 £?

Must be a new release or something as it’s here on requests alone. If I’ve been asked for it once today then I’ve er.. been asked for it once today but it was actually about 3 times this morning I was asked for it. Might be Rockstar’s biggest hit yet considering the number of people after it. Strange thing is, the only new GTA I know if is supposed to be the Mail Bait that is Chinatown Wars on the DS. The internet doesn’t seem to know anything about it either. Very odd.

03. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Xbox £15)

Sold two in about an hour. It’s always pretty bankable. You have to wait a bit sometimes but you can guarantee at least £15 for it. It’s pretty rare after all. And it works on the 360. I wonder if the people who are buying it are ones who had it but hated IV or they bought IV and wanted more. No I don’t. All I care is I get their money from them. Who am I kidding?
02. Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360 £32.99)

I had this for about two weeks before christmas but no one was interested. I swapped it in for something like Far Cry 2 I think. I didn’t want to do a free swap on it but the custmer demanded it and eventually I decided that this one would be the better seller. Could have been FIFA 09 actually. Does it really matter? WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU?? LEAVE ME ALONE!! IT WAS AGES AGO!!

01. Rock Band 2 – Xbox 360 £Varies depending on if you buy instruments with it or not

Dynasty Warriors is on holiday. I miss it. Rock Band 2 has made many improvements over the first one in terms of its organisation and allowing for more party fun but it can’t fill that void that Dynasty Warriors leaves.  Come back soon!

And that’s it for this week, a little later than usual perhaps but it’s here. Hopefully I’ll be a little bit less busy next friday morning and can give you what you want. And I’ll do another chart run down. Oh ho!

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  1. Andy F says:

    Ahahaha, GTA Ivy, oh how I can relate, having worked in a Blockbuster in a, shall we say, “working class” area, and experienced similar fools. Sadly I wasn’t still there for the release of Saw Ivy 🙁

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