One Life Left

Definitely the UK's favourite radio show (sort of) about videogames.

Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes.

Take that, The Man because now, somewhere around one hundred and fifty episodes later, it’s in its seventh season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows.

Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.

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One Life Left — s04e06 — #78 — Broken Record


We’ve never been afraid of tempting fate — would we self-herald as Britain’s favourite videogame radio show if we were? — but the news we received this morning might make a weaker team opt for humility and caution over bravado in the future. Still, no rx we wouldn’t be One Life Left if we weren’t big-mouthed idiots so please enjoy our 78th hour of published regret.

Inside you’ll find, check amongst other joys, clinic the return of our gambling contributor Odds On O’D and a brand new doyouinverts track inspired by one of One Life Left’s favourite websites. There’s also five pieces of expertly-stolen gaming news, some new music and Ste talks about how he went to Tokyo by mentioning SHIBUYA a lot.

Also apologies. Genuine apologies.

Please write to us. You’ll note midway through the show we make a plea for your help. We will replace that plea later in the week so keep reading for an update on that. For now, enjoy our hour and keep your fingers crossed for us on Thursday.

Music in #78: Sonic the Hedgehog Metamorphic Rock by Darkesword + Sixto Sound
One Car Family by 240 Interceptor
Monsieur Revee by best-friend-of-One-Life-Left Spencer
and, as mentioned, more from the doyouinverts.

Apologies for the (jetlag-related) delay. See you soon.

Download the MP3 here.

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  1. Jonny says:

    I had prepared all sorts of fun stuff for ste in Tokyo but he blew me out for some reason >:(

  2. Simon Byron simon says:

    Ste blowing listeners? That’s one way of winning a GMA, I guess.

  3. Poita says:

    You might think I would say that I was happy to hear the guys apologise for the Paedo song. Actually what i felt was more a sense of relief than happy.
    My post wasn’t about me or about me being offended. I can handle being personally offended by stuff (that’s why i don’t mind too much that he called my complaint email ‘junk mail’).
    I was more concerned that the whole crew and their family and friends would not see anything wrong with broadcasting that song. If that were the case then what a poor shape our society would be in. I take them at their word that it was just incompetance (haha) rather than insensitivity that let the song get on the air and i’m pleased but mostly relieved that they arn’t as calous as the act of playing the song would indicate and also that his girlfriend/partner at least had a conscience for him.

    So yes, i’m relieved that i didn’t suddenly wake up in a world where the entertainment of the day has rapidly progressed from Hiltonian pole dancing biatches and hoes to Paedophillia as entertainment.
    Back from the brink eh, see? Nothing wrong with haveing standards is there.
    Also relieved that i don’t have to stop listening because the OLL podcast is really fun (apart from the nasty gay dudes submissions).

  4. AConcernedGaymer says:

    Ha! This is what i would have posted if I would want to keep the juices flowing in this never-ending blog comment war for societies future:

    “In the last line you finally show your real face! A grumpy old gay-hating conservative is all there is behind these high morale posts! I agree with most of your views, but the tone you present them is the one of an old teacher smiling down on his badly educated students! Double Standard: Save the children, but for god’s sake, also prevent them from getting the terrible gay-disease! Is that what you’re saying?”

    But then I wouldn’t post it, because you probably would defend yourself in a way that makes me look really stupid afterwards…

  5. Poita says:


    Maybe you are over reacting because you are possibly Gay, well, probably from your name.

    I did not post to complain about the gay poems on the show. I don’t particularly like them but I know it’s an adult show and I have to expect some adult content.

    I don’t know if i’m old. I’m 43. I grew up in an orphanage in yorkshire, was a punk in my teens, had a criminal record by the time I was 16 blah blah blah. I was hardly conservative. Apart from drugs and violence (although I was often on the recieving end of the latter) I have ‘dabbled’ in many so called hedonist behavoirs.
    I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and a rod up my ass. I know what an anything goes totally liberal lifestyle results in eventually and it ain’t pretty. By the time i was 18 or 19 i accepted that there are certain rules and principles to life whether it be sociatal, emotional or spiritual. There is a lot of freedom in life but there are also boundaries and having experienced both liberal and conservative lifestyles I happen to choose to believe in God and human decency and to accept that there are standards that humans and human society should uphold.

    The gay poet guy sometimes writes about sadism and even rape and yes i do find that distastful too but as i said, it’s an adult show. When it comes to poems or songs about raping kids though i draw the line.

    I’m sorry but there are some people in the world who dissagree with you on the subject of homosexuality. You dont have to like their views but you should show the same tollerance to them as you ask them to show to you and your views/lifestyle.
    When i say they dissagree with homosexuality i dont mean their views should be acted on. I mean it in the same way that they might agree with drug users or heavy drinkers or people who never exercise. They (including myself) believe that it is a lifestyle that is ultimately not good for the development of the soul.
    It’s a cliche but there is a difference between the sin and the sinner. I don’t hate gays. I don’t even hate homosexuality. I believe that God is equally male and female and that ultimately we are destined to develope the masculine and feminine apsects of our soul. In that you could even say that I agree with gays. However, it’s the methodology that I would have a dissagreement with. I believe that a masculine body and brain structure is meant to imprint an male identity firmly on a man and a womans respectivly on a woman. Then in comming together they are meant to educate each other through love and sex and all that goes with a relationship. They are meant to essentially teach each other that which they have spent their formative years mastering i.e. their gender. Eventually a Grandad and a Grandma are not so different spiritually when it comes to their gender because they have absorbed each others ‘knowledge’ gradually through a life of loving each other.
    I just happen to believe that that is the way God designed the system. If some are born with an overpowering orientation that is not in line with that then it’s as hard a thing to face as is being born blind or crippled.
    Did you ever see that episode of ER where that Doctor Kerry with the limp and the crutches had the chance of some corrective surgery but she was angry because she thought her ‘condition’ defined her and that to suggest that she could be ‘corrected’ was to deny her very identity. Well, to suggest that a Gay person is out of some kind of natural alignment of sexuality is equally painful for them but something being painful does not make it untrue. you can see how there is a strong motivatin to deny it though. All self deception orriginates with the desire to avoid pain.
    These are just my views on the subject of homosexuality, stated openly and clearly. So, no, i’m not a rabid gay hating conservative. You have your views on homosexuality and I have mine. having opposing views does not make either person evil or a ‘hater’.

    Finally, I dont see myself as smiling down on anyone. The subject of gloryfying paedophiles is nothing to smile about. That issue is not about ‘winning’ or feeling good because you are right and your opponant is wrong. It’s just about plain right and wrong. That’s why i said i was not happy but relieved when they admitted that it was a mistake the broadcast the song.

  6. iainl says:

    Is Craig gay, then? Funny on how you’ve picked up on that when I haven’t, and I’ve met the guy a couple of times. Although that could be because I don’t particularly care either way.

  7. dbot says:

    I’ve never met Craig, but his art seems to show both love and hate for both men and women.
    I’ll try not to intellectualise this too much Poita, as you had an issue with that last time.
    Art shocks, and art delights. It can represent both the creator and the viewer / listener, but also be completely alien and unrelated.
    As a listener your experiences will shape your perceptions if you allow them to.
    Is Romeo & Juliet an literary and theatrical masterpiece or a study of Pedophilia? Romeo is in his 20s, Juliet is 13.
    Does the fact that many of Shakespeare’s sonnets were written about a young man, an indication of his sexual tendencies, or the skill with which he was able to turn his talent to subjects of which he has little experience?

  8. Poita says:

    Well i guess i just assumed that since his ‘poems’ were often about a guy sexually victimising another guy and as they are told in the first person that he is either bi or gay. Doesn’t seem like i was jumping to conclusions on that one ianl.

    Dbot. If losing Shakespeare were the price of having promotional paedophilia out of mainstream media then i’d consider that to be acceptable.
    I’ve read and studied a few Shakespear plays. I’m more familiar with Othello than R&J. (still can’t figure out if the O man did Iago’s office in a carnal sense or not. I guess he did for him to be that pissed off) I confess that i didn’t know that Juliet was 13. In an age where most people didn’t make it to 40 though you could say that people had to do a lot of growing up and fast. 13 could be considered of weddable and beddable age to people back then. I don’t think the objections of the capulets or montagues or whoever Juliets parents were was one of age but rather clanish enmity.
    But yeah, seeing as you ask, their age is way too disparate and low on her part.
    I have watched and enjoyed both versions of the movie ‘Lolita’. I understand why there, or at least the first one, were controversial. However, i think there is a massive difference when a medium treats the subject of something such as paedophilia as a cautionary tale or even a character study such as maybe in the movie ‘the woodsman’ with Kevin Bacon. That particular movie was accused of ‘humanising’ the character. I thought that was stupid because Paedophilia is a sickness and it is a sickness that some humans have so we should understand them. The irony is that some abusers were themselves victims at an earlier age so the sympathy we have for the child victim, say in a movie, would turn to hatred if there were a sequel as they would maybe now be an adult and commiting the crime. I actually stopped watching that movie as frankly i was just a bit bored of it and i find that as i get older i’m unwilling to spend time on a movie if it’s not captivating. The Ray winstone movie ‘The war’ was brutal and nasty. That showed an even worse kidn of paedophillia (if that be possible) as it was from the girls father. At least it also was a horrible but cautionary tale too.
    Again, it’s not the subject matter that i object to. It’s the gloryfication and especially the inciting nature of it when it comes to garbage such as Sergey song.

    People use this argument about if something is art then it’s untouchable as if that is a battle that is already won. Well it is with many people but not with me. i don’t accept that premise.
    I hate nazis and as a christian (albeit one who dislikes organised religion and who attends mosques and budhist temples) i have soft spot for the Jews so i’m certainly not anti semetic but i am pissed off that people are being arrested, deported to germany and imprisoned because they happen to have the opinion that the holocaust was exaggerated in numbers. Once again, i think these guys who deny the holocaust have ulteria motives and are basically either nut jobs or scum bags but really? Germany can reach out across the world and have people from other nations arrested by their own governments and shipped off to be locked up? This happened recently when an Australian guy visited the Uk.
    The reason i mention this is that I truly believe in free speech. These scum bags should have the right to speak their nonsense. However, if they spoke with an aim to glorify the murder of the jews or to incite it then i would have no problem with the authorities taking steps against them.

    This idea that words, media or culture are harmless is silly. If i said that great culture can inspire someone to want to be a better person, even to encourage them to do good, to try harder and to take on the mindset that was put forward in the movie/book/game etc then thaht would make sense right. It’s a kind of ‘incitment’ to do better, to be a better person. It doesn’t make them do good things and it doesnt make them be a better person but it can stongly inspire them and encourage them to adopt that positive, humanity serving mindset.
    Then why can’t negative and evil culture have the same effect for it’s onwn particular sentiment? Of course it can. yeah in GTA a kid caving an innocent woman head in with a baseball bat on the street and getting a cash reward programed to appear from her purse as blood pools around her head doesn’t ‘make’ him then go out and do the same thing in real life. it does however, if constantly fed to him all throughout his formative years via various media, strongly guide and shape his mindset and although it doesnt make him become a bad person it does make it more likely that he will make bad choices.
    If you grow up being taught by your media role models and heroes to think of women as bitches and hoes then your treatment of women in the real world is indeed going to be impacted. Many will snap out of it but some won’t. Some might have gone that way anyway but some who do go bad, if instead had been fed inpiring culture rather than denegrating and victimising culture, just might have been inspired to the light side a second chance.
    Subtle influences are just as significant a factor on things than are direct ones.

    I’m sorry but everytime some evil, inciteful culture surfaces it’s just simplistic to say that it doesn’t ‘make’ people do bad things.
    As the poem goes ‘be carful of what fruit you eat, who knows upon what soil they fed’.
    Culture is soil, society is the tree that lives and feeds on that soil and every new generation of young adults is the seasonal fruit that the tree produces. As the wise saying goes. You know a tree by it’s fruit. A tree can only produce healthy fruit from healthy soil. Poisonous soild will result in rotten and bitter fruit.
    You are what you eat and food for thought is absorbed by the mind and heart as surely as food for the belly is absorbed and becomes part of our body.

  9. dbot says:

    Thankyou for your considered and detailed response.
    My point with R&J is that it is still seen as perhaps the ultimate love story. The age of the titular characters is as irrelevant now as it was then. In this way the message of the art is more important than the details. With Sergei’s song we are discussing one, admittedly pivotal, point in the piece purely because of the times in which we are living.

    Taking your analogy: It is in fact culture that is the tree that grows from the soil of humankind, not the other way round. ( The people are foul and corrupt, and the culture it’s reflection. Although art can be a pure fruit it is often bitter and all the better for it.

    Anyway, on the topic of this post and the Craig Conundrum. Your linguistic linking of homosexuality to incurable diseases such as blindness, and curable afflictions is inconsistent and discriminatory. As I’ve indirectly mentioned the Nazis on the other post and thus forfeited this internet argument, I may as well go the whole hog ( I’m sure you’ll find many people happy to discuss this with you in greater depth. Good luck with that xx

  10. kevlarcardhouse says:

    Oh god. It’s really tiring that I can’t read the comments section of any video gaming podcast on the internet because Poita eventually shows up at all of them to suck the joy out of everything with his neverending posts, incessant complaining and whining, and horrible discussions of society that touches on everything except something that might actually have anything to do with “video games” at all. Even the Brit shows aren’t safe. I’ll stick to my RSS feed from now one.

  11. Poita says:

    Well Kevlar, i’m a Brit so it’s not surprising that i listen to a Brit podcast.
    Also, you must be new to this podcast so it’s you who has ‘eventually shown up’. I say you must be new because you are under the impression that the chat or even this actual podcast has to be ‘only about gaming’. If you had listened to OLL enough times you’d know that it’s pretty loosely about games so the chat reflects that.
    On top of that, it was a song about the seduction and rape of a little girl that ‘sucked the energy/life out of’ the experience of the podcast for me so i posted about it. What’s the big deal? then I commented on people’s reply to my post. Maybe if more people stood up when there was something wrong in society/life we wouldn’t have as much horror in the world. I guess if you want to ignore everything and just check in for your little podcast then that’s your choice but don’t be whining about others who won’t sit back and let sheeet slide.
    As usual you do the exact thing, only with more vitriol, that you complain about. You whine and attack and moan when you see someones opinion. At least I’m commenting ‘on something’ and not just snapping at someone else for posting an opinion that could easily be scrolled past.

    Oh it’s a hard life when you are ‘forced’ by others to exercise your index finger and give the scroll wheel on your mouse a couple of spins eh, i bet it ruins your whole week. Poor you.

  12. iainl says:

    “in GTA a kid caving an innocent woman head in with a baseball bat on the street and getting a cash reward programed to appear from her purse as blood pools around her head”

    Have you actually played a GTA game much before, Poita? I only ask because I’ve been enjoying them ever since the original came out, and beating up random pedestrians is truly the most pointlessly tedious way of accumulating money in the series they’ve ever created. It’s one of those things that only Daily Mail readers trying to be shocked seem to bother doing; you can earn as much running Taxi or Fire Dept. jobs in 5 minutes as you can commiting random violence in an hour.

  13. densy says:

    Am I the only one offended by having to read such long-winded replies in such a small font?

    Stop beating a dead horse…

  14. Tim Miller says:

    S Club Juniors became S Club 8. So they exist(ed).

  15. DarkeSword says:

    Hi, this is DarkeSword. Thanks for using my remix, but I wanted to say that you didn’t credit Sixto Sounds in the little blurb up there. That piece was a collaboration, and he really deserves a lot of credit, considering he did the performance and production of the piece. Take care. 🙂

  16. Poita says:

    Ianil. I wasn’t making the point as a critisism of game design. My point was how media that is designed to give you a thrill from virtual victimisation for nothing other than victimisation its self can build up to have a mantra like effect on the psyche of a young person. yeah yeah young people arn’t supposed to get ahold of em bla bla but reality is that they rely on them doing so to make enough money.

  17. Anonymous says:


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